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Porn Hub announced the new login requirement on their VKontakte page, which is the largest European online social networking service.

They said instead of submitting your date of birth, Porn Hub users can “now you can simply log in through your favourite social network”.

To open a VKontakte account, users have to enter their mobile phone numbers.

The news comes as Pornhub was required to check passports of Russian visitors to the site.

mobile phone, passport, driving licence, credit reference data, etc.“We can therefore confidently assume that Credit Card will not be the only method of permissible age verification.“One of the biggest issues for the adult industry is an equal application of the law.

There are over 4 million domains containing adult content and unless sites are enforced against equally, stumbling across adult content will be no harder than at present.“If the regulator pursues a ‘proportionate’ approach we may only see the ‘Top 50’ sites being effected – this is wholly unacceptable as the law will then be completely ineffective, and simply discriminate against compliant sites.“We are also concerned that sites containing pornographic material outside their core business, e.g.

Porn Hub and sister site You Porn were last September blocked by Vladimir Putin’s government.

The adult sites were banned after allegedly spreading information detrimental to the development of children.

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