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Approximately 1.7% of children are born with mixed sexual anatomy that makes it difficult to label them male or female. Although many intersex people do not identify as transgender, many of the workplace issues relating to transgender people overlap with those that affect intersex people.An ally is pro-LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning) and is actively committed to diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and personal safety for all people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expression.Students get primary medical care clinic visits at NO CHARGE. The UHC requires that all medical forms have legal sex and name information for insurance purposes.However, you may also choose to identify your preferred name, pronouns, and gender.Andersen Hall Andrews Hall Beadle Center Campus Rec Canfield Administration Building Ferguson Hall Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center Kauffman Academic Residential Center Love Library Mabel Lee Hall Morrill Hall Nebraska Union Raymond - Neihardt Residential Center Scott Engineering Center Seaton Hall University Housing Office Adele Hall Learning Commons UNL's Campus Recreation Center now features one family/gender-inclusive changing room with toilets and showers, on the north side of the building.Visiting teams are able to reserve this room, so sometimes it may not be available, usually on Thursdays and Fridays. UNL provides apartment-style family housing units to single full-time students residing with dependent children, and legally married couples (with a marriage certificate recognized as legally binding by the State of Nebraska).Please note that the Campus Recreation Center swimming pool and spas can only be accessed through gendered locker rooms, which have lockable restroom stalls. Undergraduates must be enrolled for 12 credit hours during each regular academic semester.This fall a gender inclusive housing option was made available to students at UNL. Given the popularity, Housing will be setting aside twice the amount of space for GIH for next year. No hours are required during the summer months if the tenant is pre-registered for a full academic load for the fall semester.

For information on the transgender and intersex communities at UNL, check out the Trans Guide, a handbook for transgender and intersex students at UNL.

This means that any student who identifies as LGBT is eligible to apply. Fedde - Single rooms located on East Campus, reserved for upper class students, graduate students and students with valid reasons for having single rooms. Graduate Students enrolled for fewer than 9 hours must submit a letter from their department chairperson indicating that they are considered a full-time student in that department.

For more information on the policy and its full wording, please click here. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Adam Fitzwater, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Student Leadership Development and Diversity Initiatives at [email protected] by phone at (402)-472-7053. There are three suite-style residence halls located on City Campus, available to freshmen and upper class and non-traditional students: Knoll Residential Center - Fully furnished with snack prep area and living area. Coed building, but residents living within a double bedroom suite (4 students in a suite, 2 bedrooms) or a single bedroom suite (4 students in a suite, 4 bedrooms) unit must be of the same biological sex. This letter need not be submitted until an apartment is offered and accepted by the student.

It involves gender assignment (the gender designation of someone at birth), gender roles (the expectations imposed on someone based on their gender), gender attribution (how others perceive someone’s gender) and gender identity (how someone defines their own gender).

Transgender is an umbrella term covering behaviors, expressions and identities that challenge the binary male/female gender system in a given culture.

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