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These are the only temperatures that actually veer way outside of the normal range of the past 11,000 years. There’s reason to believe they’re not very good guesses.

So we have a graph that is supposed to be an argument-ending rejoinder to the global warming skeptics.

It is often a bit precious and smug but occasionally quite funny, and its biggest claim to fame is probably the classic one-frame gag, “Someone is wrong on the Internet.” Recently, though, Munroe succumbed to climate change denial with a cartoon purporting to show a history of global temperature.It shows a dotted line indicating the long steady upward climb in temperatures from the last ice age, from 20,000 years ago to about 11,000 years ago, when it notes that “temperatures reach modern levels.” Then the temperatures stay there, varying by less than a degree with hardly any year-to-year variation at all, up to about 1880, when the dotted line become solid—indicating (though this is not explicitly noted) that we have switched to modern thermometer measurements—at which point they begin to tick jerkily upward.Then somewhere in the 1980s (the resolution of the graph is not very fine), everything goes haywire and the temperature graph veers sharply up toward warmer temperatures.But it comes from using a misleading comparison between two very different kinds of data, and grafting them onto unreliable future predictions.Here is a corrected, non-misleading version of the same cartoon.

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