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Results revealed increased content understandings and significant effect sizes for all three geospatial thinking and reasoning subscales -inferences, relationships, and reasoning.

The findings provide support that Web GIS, with appropriate curriculum design can improve both learning outcomes and geospatial thinking and reasoning skills.

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Examining the enactment of Web GIS on students' geospatial thinking and reasoning and tectonics understandings. doi:10.1007/s10956-014-9488-6 Bodzin, A., Peffer, T., & Kulo, V. The efficacy of educative curriculum materials to support geospatial science pedagogical content knowledge.

Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 48(3), 281-300.

The implementation of a geospatial information technology (GIT)‐supported land use change curriculum with urban middle school learners to promote spatial thinking. Using Web GIS to promote geospatial thinking and reasoning skills.

doi:10.2105/AJPH.2005.076851 Goldstein, D., & Alibrandi, M.

American Journal of Public Health, 97(11), 1974-1981. Integrating GIS in the middle school curriculum: Impacts on diverse students’ standardized test scores.

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