Winning online dating profile

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Getting out in the world is one of my favorite things…how can you experience what life has to offer from behind your desk or in your room.Thousands of guys would copy the damn thing word-for-word, or at least parts of it, even after specifically being warned not to.It would then become commonplace and cliche on the dating sites, and would lose it’s effectiveness, ruining the entire point.

I’m a very hard working, but a laid back and happy guy with a sarcastic sense of humor. I am a loyal guy who is honest, knows how to communicate, and will treat a special woman right.It would be great to find an awesome girl who can join me. Surrounding myself with people who are honest, strong, funny and aren’t afraid to bust my chops has proven to be a very rewarding experience.It’s cliche but I really am that nice guy every girl wishes they could meet, though I have a genuinely silly and sarcastic side (all in good fun). I find women who can adapt to any situation to be very attractive – whether it’s a classy evening out, a day exploring the outdoors or a silly night kicking back on the couch eating pizza.– Average score: 7.6 Third Place Winner – JDB – Average score: 7.5 CONTEST B – Women Age 33 – 49 This was interesting. I have decided to award both 2nd place winners the 2nd place prize ( Blackdragon credit).The 2nd and 3rd place winners for Contest A tied for 2nd place in Contest B. First Place Winner – Dennis – Average score: 9.25 Second Place Winner – TIE! and JDB – Average score: 9.0 Third Place Winner – TIE!

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