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She seemed to be getting her life together-had a full time job at a school, bought a vehicle, was going to school to eventually get her teaching degree. All I know is, we really want our adult children to get a good solid future going so we can settle back and relax a bit.

I have a real 'gut' feeling that he is 'abusing' her-maybe not physically, but emotionally. I have a 24 year old daughter who only dates the loser type you describe.

Hello, I'm new here, and found this forum trying to figure out why my daughter is doing what she's doing! Her last one was 6 years ago, and ended up with her having my grandsons, who is the love of my life. Early in September, she met this guy-who I know now she was lying about...job/schooling etc. They went 'out'-she was the one to drive (she said she 'didn't mind', then I found it it was because he has no car! Within 2 weeks, she stormed out of here, took her son, and is living with this guy. I think it's a total lack of self esteem, even though I've done everything I could do through the years to help her with that-I guess I didn't do enough. I can find NOTHING good that 'HE' has brought to her life, and I don't see why she insists on staying. I know how you feel being angry and then wondering what you did wrong and then back to not even wanting to talk to your daughter. I don't know if just leaving your daugther alone will help or not.

They have lived with me since she found out she was pregnant. I have since found out that besides having no car, he has no job, which to me obviously means no money, no future..grandson says he sits home and plays video games! I have also found out she has quit her schooling among other things. I've gone from complete anger to 'what did I do wrong' to I don't want to talk to her-the complete gamut of emotions. It didn't help with my situation if I left her alone or bugged her off-and-on or constantly!

Just 2 misdemeanors for Pot and paraphenalia, but I showed it to daughter. She says if he was still doing any he's tell her because they have an honest relationship! This guy carries a huge fish gutting knife on his belt that has this keen thing where the sheath turns it into a switchblade function. I don't know if your daughter does this or not, but mine tells boyfriend everything I say about their relationship. :eek: It's incredible to read-I honestly had no idea there were 2 of these girls running around ruining their lives. I didn't trust what she was telling me about this one from day 1, then I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt until I realized none of this makes any sense, and asked her too many questions, I guess. I don't think she's ever gone out with a 'decent' one-she has no idea what it would be like, how it could change her life-for the GOOD for a change. I know, just from my grandson, that things are not 'good' there. It is so Jekyll and Hyde with her-and I don't like who she is now at all. I go from 'ripping' her because I am SO mad, to apologizing for whatever I can think of that I did, to begging, to you name it. I'm at the end of my rope not knowing where to go or what to do any more. That's when I get really worried that she might be hurt. I needed to talk, and I'm sorry you're going through what I am - only worse because of your grandson. SO much to respond to, but have to be with my grandson for a while here-he will leave tomorrow-:(.

I asked her why he didn't tell her he had a drug record. Where does her brain go when she's with this loser? Daughter has no qualms about his carrying it at all times. She did the same thing with her last loser before this one. I'm sure, too, that either 'HE' is reading her email that I send, or she tells him. She only knew him 2 weeks, and I didn't think it was necessary to have him over here that soon-then it all blew up anyway. You would think for her sons sake if nothing else, she'd leave, but she won't. I can't remember if you said, but what is your 'relationship' with your daughter now? I mean, she's had all day and can't pick up the phone for one second after it was her idea to call? You know it's just odd both of us found this site within, what? :( I guess I'll go to bed now and hope daughter is OK. I really hope you've heard from your daughter by now.

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Then to top that off, when our adult children don't seem to care that they are going nowhere we end up lost for words to explain, even to ourselves, how we feel. I told her once, it's like she's 'possessed', and I'm in some kind of science fiction movie.She went and asked him about it and he said, guess what? Daughter also used to have nothing for anyone who would drink and drive. I know the holidays are going to be hard for her-without family around. She gets so upset when I bring up the 'past', but I tell her, 'I wouldn't bring it up if you didn't insist on re-living it'. I won't sleep well, because she said she was going to call. I think 'worry' is my middle name, or should have been, so I know what you're going through. Please do not post too much personal information on the boards. These boards can be read by any nutcase who has access to the internet, and it's not a good idea to put too much personal info out there. *Moderator Hat Off* I'm really glad that you have both found some help here. I was hanging around with "losers" and no-one was ever good enough for me said my mum.This guy came to our house for dinner so we could meet him and he drank 12 beers and a half a fifth of scotch in about 6 hours. I sometimes suspect he slips drugs into her drinks..that's another story. I'm so glad we were 'brought' to this site at the same time-it's been a godsend to me for sure! The last one was again a "loser" he was caught for growing "plants", did not have any job and did not have any education - then he met me: he did never touch durgs anymore, he became manager of a very well growing company that time and he finished his education ...You think I haven't had that enter my mind as well? If I thought there was ' hope', it would be a little easier-I'm just afraid any 'hope' I had is gone. So she's hinting about him sharing Thanksgiving with us..I'm like you...he's not welcome in my home! He ate here that once and other than his drinking story I told, he was a jerk most of the time otherwise.The rest of what you said is exactly mine and daughter/daughter and loser guy's situation too...minus the child. I don't like him, I think he's manipulating my daughter's emotions and I will not participate in helping them bond any further. He couldn't keep his hands off my daughter right in front of us!

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