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I can't see it myself, but the theory goes that he did something to his nose.

The British Michael Jackson, meanwhile, was said to have had the bags under his eyes surgically removed. When the American one started sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, hanging out with chimpanzees, and wearing military uniforms and medals to which he was not entitled — another potential source of confusion — the tabloids dubbed him "Wacko Jacko".

The singer believed her fans could get the two performers confused.

The Dodgy Holiday EP also became available for download.

Perhaps with the American pretender to his name in mind, he began calling himself Michael "Mike" Jackson.

He even tried putting "brand distance" between himself and the singer: when the American Jackson began sporting a sequined white glove as his trademark, the British one took to wearing a maroon paratrooper beret that was three sizes too small for his head. Rumours started that the American Jackson had had plastic surgery.

"There's only room for one Mika in the pop business," she said with impressive menace a few days ago.

Even so, I doubt it will be much of a legal battle. His single Grace Kelly — "I tried to be like Grace Kelly", you'd recognise it if you heard it — was recently Number One for six weeks.

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