Who is jack from revenge dating

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He is sometimes "the funny man" with a notable impression of Booth (David Boreanaz) in "The Woman in the Garden".He is one of the more normal people working in the lab, and helps teach Zack how to appropriately socialize.

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He claims he is looking for a "meaningful connection".

Booth calls him "Bug Boy" and at the beginning, he doesn't like it but he comes to it.

Hodgins is one of the more sarcastic members of the group. Goodman's (the administrator of the Jeffersonian Institution) approach to his work, but gets along much better with Cam, the head of forensics.

He wants them to respect him for his contributions and not fear him because technically he could be considered their boss.

Booth, Zack and Angela knew about his family, but respected his wishes to keep it from Brennan.

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