Who is christel khalil dating

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I've done work in the past where you show up to film and it's not a prolonged thing. This is a character that's going to unfold and it's going to be a while.The fact that he is a versatile individual, without one set way, that's what I like.

In late December 2012, veteran actor, Tony Todd, known for his starring role as the Candyman in the horror franchise confirmed that he had been cast in the role of Tyler and Leslie's incarcerated father, Gus Rogan.

When Shemar left the show, there was that opening that was never properly been filled.

We really were looking for a very specific man to fill those big shoes, and we found two of them! We went through seeing a lot of gentlemen and very talented guys.

According to Williams, Tyler is confident "because he knows he's competent".

If Tyler feels that "he is coming off as cocky, which is often, then he will back off".

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