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Very outgoing and funny along with his two best friends.Anxious to make it through middle school and somewhat lazy in classes, but gives the best advice. He is said to be cute, but very short in the first season.If it wasn't obvious before, it's definitely clear now why everyone fell in love with Werkheiser and "Ned's Declassified" all those years ago.Nickelodeon's "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" hit TV screens everywhere starting in 2004.According to Vice Principal Crubbs in Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs and Weasels, he has a "mop-top" haircut (similar to Coconut Head's haircut, which led a security guard to mistake him for Ned).Most notably, he is short throughout the series and everyone makes sure he knows it.Ned had fondly given her the nickname "Moze" to separate her from the other "Jennifers" in their class.Halfway through Season 3, Ned realizes he likes Moze.

In a middle school full of bullies, insane teachers, and gross school lunches, Ned Bigby—that's me, and my two best friends try to do the impossible: create a guide that will help you survive school.

Ned helps him through anything to survive in school.

The Killer Bees drove a wedge between them in Guide to Notes and Best Friends.

He's a few inches shorter than his best friends, Cookie and Moze, but he's roughly the same height, if not taller than them in the series finale.

Cookie is Ned's male best friend whom he has always looked out for.

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