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With Bing Custom Search, you can create a highly-customized targeted web search experience, to deliver more relevant results from targeted web space through a commercial grade service.Featuring a straightforward User Interface, Bing Custom Search enables you to create your own web search engine without a line of code.Think about the possibilities: being able to add vision and speech recognition, emotion and sentiment detection, language understanding, and search, to applications without having any data science expertise.Today, we are excited to announce several service updates: As mentioned, we’re excited to announce that Bing Custom Search will be generally available in October!Bing Custom Search, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, delivers a ‘Learn and Find’ experience in ways never before possible.” – says Beth Katz, Chief Product Officer at Amicus.

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Amicus needed to help donors Learn, Find and Fund projects that were of interest and relevant to them, something complex with traditional search engines.

For example, Amicus has recently released a platform that changes the way charitable aid is funded and delivered, showing donors where every dollar is spent and giving non-profits real-time tools to report and measure performance.

This allows donors to fund ‘projects’ instead of blindly giving money to an organization, and non-profits to build project requests based on measurable outcomes.

Put simply, Microsoft did the opposite of what it should have done.

And I don’t see anything it does now with Edge making a difference. Worse—especially for those who do want to use Microsoft products and services—it’s still too damn easy to identify a laundry list of features and functionality that are still not available in Microsoft Edge.

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