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The update cycle is very slow, but brings in many new changes that keeps it very fresh. I recently had an bad shutdown and had to run chkdsk.All this replaces though is core game files - if you have any skins, mods, etc.they will be fine as they are separate from the actual game.I've done this before on moving from windows - ubuntu, but it's been stuck at 100% verification for 4 or 5 hours - validating Steam cache files 0 out of 1, validating Team Fortress 2 file 1 out of 1.I've already tried cancelling and re-validating before, to no avail.At the time, there were no bad sectors reported and the hard drive was less than a year old, but fast-forward a year or two and that hard disk died on me so There are two kinds of fragmentation at play: GCF fragmentation and actual HDD fragmentation.GCF is a file format used by various Source games which essentially acts as a virtual hard disk for content; this file can suffer from internal fragmentation as files get changed and deleted, and this is the only kind of fragmentation Steam concerns itself with.

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Your statement is very informative, but doesn't necessarily mean that this is not the solution.

Sometimes if your files get fragmented or corrupted in some way, steam will try to validate your cache and see if all your files are intact (this could have been caused by your shutdown).

It looks like in your case you have to download a large part of the cache again.

OS: Windows 8 64 bit When I validate files and it seems to stop at 100% I usually just close the window and retry launching the game.

When I did a new OS install I just copy-pasted the folder and did a file validation check and it worked ok.

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