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When the relationship stops being new, they’re panicking about what you may be expecting, and they’re sure of your interest, the desire loses its ‘erection’.

If you don’t hear from them again, they’ll have moved on and pressed The Reset Button with someone else…and lather, rinse, repeat.

If you took things a bit more slowly, you could actually get to know each other.

The high intensity of Fast-Forwarded Relationships is impossible to sustain and when the intensity stops, it feels like you’ve crashed and burned.

If you have Fast-Forwarding habits, it’s a good time to address your beliefs and attitudes about dating because you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In fact, I’d ask yourself how serious you are about finding a relationship because exerting this type of pressure so early on in the relationship not only tests the people out to see if they can meet your emotional demands, but a lot of the behaviour in Fast-Forwarded Relationships is quite unhealthy.

You should date with a reasonable level of trust as a basis and your interactions serve as a series of checks and balances.

Positive things increase your trust, dodgy stuff should have you rolling back and assessing the risk.

Even without red flags, by Fast-Forwarding the relationship, you will both create great expectations that may stifle the relationship before it has a chance to prosper.You will use a number of the things that they fast-forward you with as basis to trust them with – Trust Points.It’s crucial to remember that dating is a discovery period.Why do you need to demand so much of the person and the relationship so early on? Isn’t this all a bit like an elaborate prank that goes way too far?But for those of you who get swept up in someone’s tide, you can enjoy yourself but it’s time you became aware of red flags, boundaries, and matching actions with words.

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