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During his 12-year marriage, his taste for uppers heightened his sexual urges, notably his fantasies of watching two women make love.His one-time manager Chris Hutchins told me this week: ‘I remember being asleep and getting a call from Robin at 1am. ” and asking me to drive over to his house in Knightsbridge.’When Chris got there an hour later, there was already a woman in the star’s bed.

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Each participant interested to be connected with law firms outside his or her own jurisdiction has 3 minutes on stage to introduce himself or herself and his or her firm.

At the time of the break-up The Bee Gees had had a massive comeback with the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which sold more than 40 million records for Robin, his twin Maurice and elder brother Barry ‘He was always seeking a treatment for his drug addiction. There was no response to my calls, no acknowledgement of my gifts, no letters. Spencer, now 39 and a musician in Texas, and 37-year-old Melissa, a London-based translator of Arabic, were at their father’s bedside in his final days, and are expected to share in his £140 million legacy.

As Gibb’s former manager Chris Hutchins told me: ‘Robin was an odd person anyway but when he was on pills, which he was for most of the time I knew him during his first marriage, he could say or do anything.

Even after more than 30 years, his and Molly’s divorce remains one of the bloodiest and dirtiest in the inglorious annals of showbusiness break-ups.

It is a tale of jealousy, deceit, money and dark sexual mores of a star known globally for his high-trousered, high-voiced, wholesome Bee Gees’ image.

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