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The English and Scottish were very much a part of the city's financial community during its golden days, involved heavily in the cotton trade, insurance business and shipping. New Orleans Neighborhood Talk: Examining the Original Dialects of the New Orleans Ninth Ward Neighborhood. While the focus of this organization is on people of color, it also states a more general mission "to identify and promote the cultural diversity of New Orleans and to increase leadership, career and business opportunity at all levels of the hospitality industry." Groups discussed: Italians, Lebanese, Vietnamese, and Louisiana Indians: Chitimacha, Coushatta, Tunica-Biloxi, Caddo, Choctaw Apache, Clifton Choctaw, Jena Band of Choctaw, and the United Houma Nation. Luis de la Nueva Orleans: contener folios y de principio al folio 1, consigne hasta g.

People of African descent have made fundamental contributions to the culture of New Orleans throughout its history.

The Contessa Entelinna Society of New Orleans was founded in 1886 as a mutual aid society, the Società Italiana de Beneficenza Contessa Entellina.

It has helped to maintain the identity of the Contessioti into the 21st century.

The substantial, confident population of free people of color was a distinctive and crucial aspect of New Orleans history and culture prior to the US Civil War.

A large slave market continued to operate in New Orleans, however, and slavery lasted up until 1863, particularly in rural areas.

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