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Inspectors found the Birmingham school had left pupils "unprepared for life in modern Britain".

The decision is likely to have far-reaching consequences for any schools that have a segregation policy.

If you are somewhat inclined and you think it will please your partner who demands it, you might break the rule. Since there is no direct hadith related to it, it should be safe to do it.The judges said there was "a strong argument" for the Education Secretary and Ofsted "to recognise that, given the history of the matter, their failure (despite their expertise and responsibility for these matters) to identify the problem and the fact that they have de facto sanctioned and accepted a state of affairs which is unlawful, the schools affected should be given time to put their houses in order in the light of our conclusion that this is unlawful sex discrimination".Speaking after the ruling, Ofsted's chief inspector Amanda Spielman said the ruling would set a precedent for future inspections.But a High Court ruling last year found inspectors were wrong to penalise on the basis of an "erroneous" view that segregation amounted to unlawful discrimination.Three Court of Appeal judges have now unanimously overturned the previous ruling, finding the complete segregation of classes to be contrary to the 2010 Equality Act.

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