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And, once they can accept the adjustments, academic life often gets significantly easier.

When a service member is discharged from the military, it’s aptly termed “separation” and it comes with all the heartbreak and disorientation that being torn from one’s tribe brings.

A supportive and informed faculty, therefore, is the key to these veterans’ success.

You may not realize how many student veterans are on campuses these days.

Incoming student veterans need role modeling and guidance.

They need to be reassured that, yes, school is a very different kind of battlefield and it requires an entirely different skill set and mental map.

Here, in David Letterman style, is my top-ten list of principles for working with student veterans: There are no generalizations that are remotely accurate about this group, other than their common hope that more education will make their lives and their families’ lives better.

This is part of the reason it’s difficult for them to seek appropriate accommodations in the classroom.

Some veterans hope college will ease their discomfort.

But whether they enter a small community college or a large state university, new challenges await.

Many joined the military with the ultimate goal of college, and the two G. Bills can help them afford an education that would otherwise be out of reach.

Others are now more worldly and mature, and can see the value in a higher education that their younger, less experienced selves never saw.

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