Rules for validating social security numbers

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The agency must not deny or delay services to an otherwise eligible individual pending issuance or verification of the individual's SSN by SSA or if the individual meets one of the exceptions in paragraph (h) of this section.The agency must verify the SSN furnished by an applicant or beneficiary with SSA to ensure the SSN was issued to that individual, and to determine whether any other SSNs were issued to that individual.Unlike passwords sent by SMS, they can't be intercepted as long as the token stays in your possession and you don't enter them anywhere else other than on our Internet banking site.If you choose the cellphone app as your security type and you have successfully downloaded and activated the app on your cellphone, you will receive detailed confirmation messages through the app to approve Internet banking sessions and transactions.If you are unable to receive confirmation messages, you will be able to use the app to generate token passwords (see above).Every client has their photo taken when opening a Global One facility.Yours will be linked to your Internet banking profile (you can ask the service consultant to update your photograph anytime).

[0-6] # Match a character in the range between "0" and "6". A more thorough discussion of matching numeric ranges, including examples of matching ranges with a variable number of digits, can be found in Recipe 6.5.Remember to keep your Remote PIN secret and never share it with anybody.The Remote PIN replaces the Internet banking password when you register for the cellphone app.Your Remote PIN is a secret number that you choose when you activate Remote Banking for the first time.The Remote PIN must be used on the Internet (and app) when you sign in to Remote Banking or approve transactions.

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