Range of radiocarbon dating gets a boost

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We forecast that we will grow 25-35% for the next three years and expect employment to increase to around 90 in 2016.► New battery for BMW i3 ► Range doubled to 195 miles► Available from July 2016 BMW has given its electric i3 city car a shot in the arm for 2016 with a new, larger-capacity battery that nigh on doubles the car's driving range.Half of the new money in the latest round will be prioritised for Carbon Capture and Storage, the process of capturing millions of tonnes of CO2 from power stations and industrial facilities, and storing the CO2 offshore, deep under the sea bed.The UK is leading Europe with two commercial-scale projects under development.Companies developing cutting edge low carbon energy projects in generation, efficiency and storage - such as capturing carbon emissions or turning buildings into power stations - have the chance to bid for an extra £5 million of funding in the fourth round of the Government’s Energy Entrepreneurs’ Fund (EEF).Today also sees 19 projects being awarded a share of the £9 million available through the third phase of the Fund.BMW now claims a typical range of 195 miles for the pure electric version of the i3 (with the usual driving conditions-dependent caveats).The extra miles keep the i3 competitive against electric hatchback rivals such as the 30k Wh Nissan Leaf (155 miles), Renault Zoe (149 miles) and the currently US-only Chevrolet Bolt (not to mention the upcoming Tesla Model 3).

Private investors have provided a further £10.2 million of funding to date.It’s said to be exploring “touch panels, voice activation via Siri, and head gestures” as possible input methods.In other words, it sounds as if there’s plenty of work still be done before 2020 if the firm is going to launch a device.BMW hasn’t yet confirmed the new overall range for the RX model.Read CAR’s review of the BMW i3 Range Extender here BMW isn’t offering a retrofit service to slot the new battery into existing i3s – the cost of buying a new battery means the sums simply wouldn’t add up for customers.

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