Poor dating the rich

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The manifestations of that are really too subtle to catalog here, but suffice it to say it's grating. Her royal highness aka the princess was an adult with the mind of a child.I had a long term, seriously relationship with a woman once that involved socio-economic differences so vast that we might as well have been from different planets. She has never worked a full time job in her life, her father has handled her finances forever, buying her cars, paid for her college, sent her on trips to Europe for months at a time, subsidizes her lifestyle on a level equivalent to as if she was his wife.They don't have to worry about interviews and getting the best grades.All of this is their business, of course, but if you date them, they will translate the same attitude onto your life, and that can be very, very annoying.I have worked since I was 14, have been on my own since I was 16, went to a community college while working, come from a poor family (my dad took off when I was 1 year old), nobody ever cared about me growing up, at the time in a realy poor part of Queens, NY, I have had to work hard for everything I have, etc etc. She has/had a ton of money in a trust fund from her grandfather - enough to never have to work even without her fathers support which is more about control than anything.Now, during the relationship, despite not coming from wealth, I made good money, did not have any financial concerns although I had to work for that to happen - I took care of her at the level of what a guy that was independently wealthy would do.

The relationship I have with my GF is fairly new but from the info i've gathered she hasn;t really dated anybody "poor" before.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.That said, paradoxically, they never have any cash on them.So if you encounter any expenses that have to be covered in cash -- a cab, a cheap pizzeria, etc.

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