Planet rock dating review

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Controversy is the lifeblood of crankism(3) The pseudoscientist is paranoid and feels he is the victim of a vast conspiracy designed to suppress his brilliant work.In many instances these imagined conspiracies become a vital part of the subject itself, as for example, the endless literature discussing how the U. Air Force has been keeping the truth about flying saucers from the public(4) The crank delights in focusing his attacks 'on the greatest scientists and the best-established theories'. He is wiser than Einstein, knows more about astronomy than Fred Hoyle, and is better informed about the moon than Neil Armstrong.I am not supporting any of these beliefs, I am merely discussing them.It may be that the great civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria once actually flourished on this planet In this book I am only weighing the evidence pro and coo.I had written and produced a radio documentary, Things in the Sky, in 1952, and my earlier researches into unidentified flying objects had already convinced me that such things not only existed, but that they had been present in our skies since the dawn of man.Eventually my travels took me to Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and a thousand places in between.In many areas of the less popular sciences the crank material outweighs the scientific because few if any scientists have tackled those subjects.

In India I wandered alone into the Himalayas and crossed the border of Tibet (which has since been sealed by the Chinese).

As I travelled, I interviewed archaeologists, historians, and assorted experts and Spent endless hours in remote libraries poring over rare old books.

I was puzzled at first to discover that none of the leading authorities seemed to agree on anything.

After twenty-five years as a writer and reporter dedicated to collecting the facts as objectively and as honestly as possible, my integrity has been attacked from all angles.

For these reasons this book is written in a style which discusses known facts with the popular and unpopular beliefs they have inspired.

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