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The SOAP specification supports SOAP faults and with a framework like Spring WS, these SOAP faults are converted into runtime exceptions of type Soap Fault Exception.An example of an SOAP fault captured with an TCP/IP monitor: The SOAP fault above is the result of throwing an Account Not Found Exception.It’s several ways to configure Spring WS to convert an exception into a SOAP fault element, but I will only demonstrate how to do it with annotations.If you’re interested, see the reference documentation for more information about the mapping alternative.This blog article demonstrates how to use Spring WS as a client with JAXB for the data binding and how to add pre and post processing behaviour with interceptors.If you’re not familiar with generating JAXB classes, then take a look at this tutorial.But first some words about the contract first part.

The test below demonstrates how to create and instantiate a request object of a JAXB generated class, call the marshall Send And Receive method with it and how to cast the response object to an object of the JAXB generated response class.

The client part of Spring WS can validate the parsed XML before it sends the XML document.

You only need to specify a validator interceptor in the configuration and reference to it from the Web Service Template bean.

The code used in this article was developed in my work time at Redpill Linpro.

This tutorial demonstrates how to develop a web service with Spring WS.

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