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In addition, the operating costs can be significantly lower than those of satellites, as there is no need for expensive rocket launches and any defects/problems can be repaired easily on the ground, which in turn increases reliability.It is clear that high-altitude flying platforms will be able to offer a significantly larger bandwidth than satellites for wide-coverage Internet from the air and its popular application perspectives.You might need to slightly alter these instructions depending on your exact Linux distribution and your Icinga 2 configuration.If you are having trouble completing the installation, please contact us.The company has created five new high-tech work places in the Munich area, as well as expanded capabilities in the exploration of high-altitude platforms and their applications.The Elektra-2 is the first aircraft for extreme altitudes developed by the DLR spin-off.

The extremely light Elektra-2 is the world's first solar-electric aircraft to be designed for autonomous operation with a payload of up to 100 kilograms at an altitude of about 20 kilometres.

"With the first flight of Elektra-2, we have taken a major step towards the application of high-altitude platforms for data transmission and remote sensing." Lightweight for heavy loads The extremely light Elektra-2 is the world's first solar-electric aircraft designed to take a payload of up to 100 kilograms to an altitude of about 20 kilometres in autonomous operation.

The ultra-light aircraft itself weighs just 420 kilograms.

The first stratospheric flights are planned in 2018, which will culminate in new record altitudes for solar-electric aircraft.

Autonomously controlled and without landing gear For the time being, the planned flights have a pilot on board and up to 50 kilograms of payload.

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