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The Thought Rock indicates the following when I login: "Welcome to the ITIL Foundation Course Seat Time = Hours (Minimum)." Yeh, thats right.....26.5hrs worth of videos.....

I am starting to think I should have simply stuck with CBT Nugget (by the way, I did not buy the CBT Bugget, so there was no cost) I am not promoting Thought Rock here, but since I know am going to sign up with them to do the exam and they are providing the complete package in one place....

If you do want to go to a testing center: Pro Metric (Awful awful website.

Offers EXIN ITIL 2007 and ISEB ITIL 2012, neither of which exist.

As you can see in the Exin news website, the service is active in the US and will be released soon in other countries.

I'm reading at EXIN and Pearson Vue websites that examination for languages different from English are still available with 2007 syllabus, so Prometric is offering right test versions, I guess....

He learned the photographer's trade in Senta with Martin Ronai and Danilo Jakšić.

Full of illumina- tion on Near Eastern questions." — Pall Mall Gazette.




200 Old Slav tribal system completely broken up by Old Bul- garian State system — Tribal system preserved in Macedonia and other Serbian lands — Hence the identity of social conditions and customs — Typically Serbian custorae in Macedonia — The "Slava" — Bulgarian campaign against "Slava" in Macedonia — "Preslava" — Village "Slava " — Custom of pilgrimage to Serbian monasteries — Pilgrimages to the Monastery of Decani.

5€ Comparative duration of Bulgarian and Serbian rules in Macedonia — Bulgars and conquered Slavs in Macedonia CONTENTS ix vkum two nations — Bulgars are masters, and Macedonians slaves — Reasons why they never mhigled — No traces left of Bulgarian rule in Macedonia, either ethnically or as regards civilization — Misconceptions concerning Bulgaria's role in the creation of Slav letters and literature — The Macedonians pioneers of Christianity among the Slavs — The first Slav apostles natives of Macedonia — Bulgars also receive Christianity from Macedonia— Language of earliest Slav books merely called '• Slav " — Second Bulgarian rule in Macedonia, short, tyrannical, and obnoxious.

.70 Complete disappearance of the Bulgars under Turkish rule — Serbian national life not arrested by Turkish con- quest — Macedonians remain Serbian under Turkish rule — Significance of the independent Serbian Patriarchate for the Serbian nation during the Turkish rule — Mace- donia an integral part of the Serbian Patriarchate.

Did you see the list of other online exam providers in the post above?

I figure I would just get it over and dump the Nugget.

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