My opinion on dating

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I guess at that point my chances of meeting someone was less less than -230%? So I've filled out two of the forms, then I made a huge profile...Well not that big perhaps an average of 500 words following the guideline suggested by the website. The interface of this website is quite nice I must admit, very simple to navigate.they love effing traveling even though they say they travel most of them never have its all this illusion they are looking for a dream guy on here your job is to make them laugh and snap back to reality ..never feed into the illusion it just makes them more picky er take a look at my profile its offensive, rude but i kid you not it makes em laugh or challenge em and with it i changed my response rate from 1/10 to 7/10 and out of those 7 ill get 5 numbers and out of that ill sleep with at least 1 or 2 ..

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Reading the posts here I have got to add my comments.This is nothing to do with the site it is the people using it!My opinion of POF: it sucks ass if you aren't some hot looking guy.So one day I played around with the site and stumbled on the sent message panel and saw a list of "read" "read delete" "unread delete" and I was trying to figure out what that mean, so I messaged one girl that was online and it said "unread" for the first 20 minutes, then it said "read delete" sonofa....Especially when these girls claimed that they won't read messages like "hey, hi, howru etc." it didn't make a different when I was creative and passionate about their interest.

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