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Anyways, here's some funny Malaysian hip-hop from the notorious Namewee. v=r Ln3BLWw9B8[/youtube] And how an African visitor liked his stay in Malaysia. v=r Zy_Ks P5y Gw[/youtube]My stay in Malaysia was a primary reason I started to realize the USA was in trouble.

so we have plenty of religion in msia where malay are all muslims,which is about 50 %its half of msian do have intermarriage but if u marry a muslim u must go into islam there is no other way other than run away from the country.intermarriages happens ive seen alot.

Some schools are closed and families are being advised to stay in their homes to avoid risk to their health...Imagine thinking you had won a small fortune on a scratchie, only to find you were almost the victim of a devious scam.

Australians have lost over a quarter of a million dollars to scratchie scams this year.

Iran is also very important in international politics due to its large supply of petroleum and other resources.

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