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Despite their issues, Kandi did invite Porsha, but Porsha skipped the party.When Shamea realizes Porsha isn’t there she actually starts crying.When Kenya presses for clarification, Cynthia sighs, “You’re… Cynthia tries to explain to Kenya, but she just starts running away and Cynthia is reduced to chasing her.Well Kenya certainly got a taste of her own medicine – last week she was trailing Porsha demanding she stay and talk things out; this time she’s begging Cynthia to leave her alone as she runs away with Cynthia hot on her stallion booty.

Her enabling doctor classifies what happened over that fateful dinner as “sounds like bullying” and then encourages Porsha to attend the trip to practice what she’s learned. First of all, why is Kenya, a woman in her 40’s, sending her friend to talk to her boyfriend?

Unfortunately, Porsha has been avoiding Phaedra since dinner, over her possible allegiance to Kenya.

So, Phaedra decides the thing to do is meet Kenya on mutual territory to discuss how an anger management conversation got so, well, angry. as much as the next girl, but Phaedra is not living in either one of those realities. Now I don’t know what’s up with Frick and Frack, but they don’t need the addition of Kenya, whose intent is surely to crack this friendship.

And also what is with Cynthia Bailey telling Matt Jordan that his issues with Kenya aren’t that big of a deal?!

Cynthia, little tip – psychology 101 at the local community college, please!

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