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”She said, “Mom, I’m just like her, I AM a girl.”‘ It makes one wonder if Corey would be attempting the impossible now had he not come across those videos.

Perhaps it would have been a phase of confusion that would have sorted itself out had another transgendered teen’s feelings not suggested the most drastic response possible.

Boys seemed like they got to have all the fun, whereas girls only had childbirth and menstruation to look forward to.

Upon reflection, I think that this kind of gender-introspection or questioning is pretty common.

When I’m successful at remembering that ‘womanhood’ does not equal ‘loves princesses, gossips, cries, emotional-not-intellectual’ I’m a lot happier about being a woman.

The main reasons I wanted to be a boy (and, occasionally, want to be a man) have to do with my desires to be smart, strong (physically), independent, intellectual, authoritative, courageous, and athletic.

The intervening years however, were such that I’d basically forgotten about this extended period of my life until the topic came up and I remembered.My parents encouraged me in my efforts to find the answers to my questions, but instead of filling my head with the notion that I could be whoever I wanted, they gave me realistic answers.I was a girl because I had been born that way, they said, and nothing I could do would ever change that. That period of questioning everything—including my gender—helped me to better understand myself and how I fit into the world.Potter, bakes cookies for “her” son, who was away in the military. Body decoration is a favorite child pastime, and pink is a beautiful color. What has been confusing, instead, has been to read about other clueless parents having their children injected with opposite-sex hormones and bodily cut and pasted at very young ages. It’s not innocent but very dangerous and horrifyingly permanent alteration that a young child, who should be able to depend on his parents for protection and sanity, cannot possibly evaluate rationally or fully informed.My parents didn’t freak out or rush him to the doctor for hormone therapy. Ten years later, that “gendertypical” boy’s favorite activity was paintball in the woods. Buzzfeed is among the many who gush rather than call Child Protective Services when learning about such incidents.

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