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Then change the source and list text to small (unless you have difficulty reading).

Under When you inset a CD, change the dropdown box to Ask to Import CD.

4: Click on the Sharing tab and deselect everything (same goes for Store and Parental). and select Prevent i Pod's, i Phone's, and i Pad's from syncing automatically, deselect [b]Warn when more than ? Deselect Allow i Tunes audio control from remote speakers and Reset sync history. Reset Warnings, and Cache and Music Location7: Delete Music, Videos, Apps, etc.

Finally deselect Automatically receive CD track names from Internet and Check for new software updates automatically 3: Go to Playback tab still inside Preferences, deselect everything and set Subtitle Language to Off.

Windows users can do this with the Camera and Scanner wizard. Connect the i Pod/i Phone to your computer and launch i Tunes.

Once you select a folder, you can sync all the photographs in that folder to your i Phone or i Pod.

These entries shall need to be cleared and you may have to re-install i Pad and i Pod etc all over again.

As I have never done this myself before you shall have to be the guinea pig.

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