Indianapolis speed dating at the avalon

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125.00 SSN25 tin plate windup 9" SUBMARINE in blue; paint wear; exc 150.00 lead slush mold.

glue stains on bow where name tag had been glued on.

14.00 click here for the Matchbox diecast ships Hornby "VIKING" Speed Boat #5.

box is complete with insert and inspection paperwork. Original box is complete and intact with color illustrated label.

Minor burn mark near back edge of roof from the candle.

(all in Japanese; so not sure what the real name of the kit is).

it as the gas pumps and poles but does not have the paper flags or the cardboard "cabin" that sits atop the pier.

looks beautiful but unfortunately I can not test it - it takes a VERY small windup key that I do not have.

has small hole on deck of bow and stern - centered.

Boxed set of 3 "celluloid" boats; Made In Japan; circa 1920 by "CK".

Instructions say to set magic piece under the stern.

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