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Mr Xu's 300-acre pet project is breathtaking in scale: as well as more than 50 football pitches, it boasts an Olympic-size outdoor pool, a supermarket, a cinema, an open-air stadium and four tower blocks which house around 500 full-time staff.

"If you had to walk around all the facilities you would do your knees in," said Mr Cipitria, a Real Madrid youth graduate whose CV includes La Liga teams such as Deportivo La Coruna and Real Betis.

Key to success was changing Chinese coaching techniques so talented youngsters were encouraged to be creative with the ball rather than berated for making mistakes. It's a sport but the way to learn is by having fun." Teng Changsheng, the football-obsessed father of 11-year-old Teng Kaibo, said he hoped his son could one day emulate his heroes from Brazilian side Sao Paulo FC. It is art," the 42-year-old bus driver said, adding: "My mother is angry with me for sending away her grandson but it is good for him." Shen Xianzhang, the deputy headmaster, said all students were receiving a full education so that those who did not become professionals could go onto university.

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When Celia got cold feet about renting a stranger, I was asked to step in - she wanted someone she knew and who she felt could act the part.

In recent years, I've heard more about people renting boyfriends or girlfriends to please their parents and ease the pressure on them to marry.

There used to be a section on Taobao, China's largest e-commerce site, dedicated to renting boyfriends and girlfriends for the day, but it has since been closed.

"After all, Spain will always be number one." The school, which resembles a surreal collage of English public school, Bavarian castle and Thorpe Park, is the creation of Xu Jiayin, the owner of Guangzhou Evergrande and a construction magnate with a personal fortune of at least 48 billion yuan (£4.6 billion).

The tycoon, who reportedly splashed around £115 million on the academy's palm-lined university-style campus, is not shy about his desire to revolutionise Chinese football.

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