Fuyutsuki in net dating

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The dream has been very kind, for the emotions it contained was brimming with excitement and nervousness.

She always wanted to tell her teacher how she felt.

Onizuka Eikichi: Year of Ox (Found in the series), Leo (Can be found in the GTO prequels I believe)Fuyutsuki Azusa: Year of Ox, Libra Kanzaki Urumi: Year of Rooster, Sagittarius Nomura Tomoko: Year or Rooster, Libra This is my very FIRST story; please send feedbacks to my e-mail.

Kanzaki Urumi, third year senior high student of Holy Forest Academy contemplates her thoughts in her room.

One that would surely stop a bird in it's flight, in awe of its purest happiness on the beautiful face.

Last year, he arrived late and crashed the doors with his beloved . He brought in with a sense of desperation of his job that brought laughter to the students, but another scowl from principal Uchiyamada.

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Is based on 3 years after the original GTO Manga Series.

Will Fuyutsuki finally admit her love for the Great Teacher? Will Kanzaki finally take a hold of Onizuka and brings him into her life permanently:-OWill Onizuka finally settle down?

;-)Will Tomoko unveil her love that's in her heart and imagination? :-PI have placed some characters in the story under (fictional) zodiac signs for my own joy.

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