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What would you do if you didn’t have to work to receive an income?And what would society and civilisation be like if we didn’t have to ‘earn’ a living – if leisure was not our choice but our lot?Shitty jobs for everyone won’t solve any social problems we now face. Already a fourth of the adults adults in this country are eligible for food stamps (most of those who are eligible don’t apply).The market in labour has broken down, along with most others.But ‘full employment’ is not the way to restore our faith in hard work, or in playing by the rules, or in whatever else sounds good.The official unemployment rate in the United States is already below 6 per cent, which is pretty close to what economists used to call ‘full employment’, but income inequality hasn’t changed a bit.Would we hang out at the local Starbucks, laptops open? By now these are – can you receive income without working for it?Or volunteer to teach children in less-developed places, such as Mississippi? Is it possible, to begin with and then, the hard part, is it ethical?

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You might even say it’s a spiritual impasse, because it makes us ask what social scaffolding other than work will permit the construction of character – or whether character itself is something we must aspire to.What, exactly, is the point of earning a paycheck that isn’t a living wage, except to prove that you have a work ethic?ut, wait, isn’t our present dilemma just a passing phase of the business cycle? Haven’t the doomsayers, those damn Malthusians, always been proved wrong by rising productivity, new fields of enterprise, new economic opportunities? The measurable trends of the past half-century, and the plausible projections for the next half-century, are just too empirically grounded to dismiss as dismal science or ideological hokum.They look like the data on climate change – you can deny them if you like, but you’ll sound like a moron when you do.For example, the Oxford economists who study employment trends tell us that almost half of existing jobs, including those involving ‘non-routine cognitive tasks’ – you know, like , a new book that cites these very sources, is social science, not science fiction.

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