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When news arrived in Macedonia that Arrhidaeus had been chosen as king, Cynane, a daughter of Philip II, developed a plan to travel to Asia and offer the new king her daughter Eurydice for wife. Eurydice's chance to increase her husband's power came when the first war of the Diadochi sealed the fate of Perdiccas, making a new settlement necessary.

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Philip and Eurydice had no choice but to escape, only to be captured at Amphipolis and thrown into prison.Formerly located at the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum, since 1997) displayed in the underground museum of Vergina, inside the Great Tumulus.In 1977, important excavations were made near Vergina leading to the discovery of a two-chambered royal tomb, with an almost perfectly preserved male skeleton.Over the next few years, there was a rush of feature requests as gaps in functionality were found. 359 BC – 25 December, 317 BC) reigned as king of Macedonia from after 11 June 323 BC until his death.

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