Emma forrest and colin farrell dating

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Her "Generation X" column for the Sunday Times saw her leaving school to tour the world with various britpop/indie bands reporting on their "on the road" antics.

The vanished Manic Street Preacher member Richey Edwards was the first person she ever interviewed.

He dated writer Emma Forrest for over a year, and their relationship is detailed in her memoir, Your Voice in My Head.

He had a son named James in 2003 and a son named Henry in 2009.

Six hours later, six hours after telling her you wanted to make a baby, sobbing on her doorstep, you announced in her presence that you needed “space”. On October 18th, with the news of your most recent split, I wrote this, worrying out loud that: Six months later that’s exactly what you did… Emma turned on her computer and saw that you and Alicja Bachleda were expecting.

You are the guy who tried to ground himself by having a baby. Also, I worry that you might be the kind of dude who says “I Love You” during sex, or more than twice a year.

Their romance was only to last a year but it remains a cherished memory for the 33-year-old English writer whose acclaimed memoir Your Voice In My Head is published this month.

Asked what it's like having Hollywoood's leading man at your side, Emma told The Diary this week: "Dating Col is wonderful, so long as you don't leave the house.

She recounts that fateful day, when you suggested a trip.

No, not because she lacks “stereotypical movie star” looks as the informs us, nor because she can’t remember to rip those silly plastic party bracelets off after downing free booze.

It seems his “true love” is a little bit famous herself, in a Bridget Jones sort of way.

And she describes how doting you were, how concerned for her you were, how many plans you made with her.

Now of course, after the birth of a son, you and Alicja are over.

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