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Where every seemingly insurmountable problem was solved by a supportive community who stepped forward at just the right time to say: “What do you need me to do? club disastrously overcrowded, individual participants set up regional message boards where participants could actually carry on a conversation.

When, at the end of the month, I realized that having an official word-count validation would be impossible due to the numbers of potential winners, people just validated each other’s novels.

This was the start of my education in running an event without a mandatory entry fee.Because we all needed a drink by the end of the month, those of us in the Bay Area organized a Thank God It’s Over party at my friend Tim’s house, running string throughout his kitchen so people could clothespin excerpts of their novels up for others to enjoy. Blogs, at that point, had yet to be discovered by the mainstream media, and I was pretty clueless about them as well. Na No Wri Mo got a wonderful write-up in the , which then lead to other pieces around the country.At the party, participants who had known each other only by their screen names met and talked and danced and threw peanut M&M’s at each other. And things seemed enormously promising for the following year. It’s a good, long story, the gist of which can be summed up in two sentences: I had been anticipating 150 participants. I knew of their existence, but I had no real sense of their power to drive massive amounts of traffic until Na No Wri Mo began being hit by hundreds of pinpoint visitor-streams from websites I’d never heard of. Watching Na No Wri Mo’s hit-counter spike as all these small web entities delivered yet another boatload of visitors to the Na No Wri Mo site was truly a thrill. My mom was very proud, my friends were impressed, and the event was on the verge of collapse.It was a beautiful, organic system where everyone, including complete strangers, chipped in with solutions.And better still, everyone took care of each other.

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