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This was grounded in the view that Austria had never been a nation in the true sense.While the Austrian state had existed in one form or another for over 700 years (dating to the Holy Roman Empire), its only unifying force had been the Habsburgs.This came too late as Czechs and Southern Slavs were well on their way to creating independent states.However, this gave an impulse to the Reichsrat of German inhabited areas to meet.

Pan-Germans and Social Democrats supported the union with Germany, while Christian Socialists were less supportive.Social Democrats co-opted newly created soldier and worker councils and used their control over labour unions to implement social policies that reduced risks of Bolshevik revolution.Elections to the Constituent Assembly were held on February 16, 1919 and for the first time women were allowed to vote.On October 25 Provisional Assembly called on all German inhabited Lands to form their own provisional assemblies.During its second meeting on October 30 the Provisional National Assembly created the basic institutions of the new state.

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