Dating rogers dynasonic snare drum

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Because if you had to modify the wires for the Dynasonic frame...

IE, there was no mounting holes in the wire end plates, those wiresare not correct for a Dynasonic. This is because of how the Dynasonic wires mount to the frame.

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There are sections on the history of Rogers Drums, Rogers drum badges and catalog pages on Rogers snare drums as well as Rogers drum sets.

Standard wires mounted on a dynasonic frame have an over pronounced bow upwards towards the reso head when the frame is mounted on the drum.

In order to correct this the snares must be tensioned rather tightly to reduce the bowing effect.

My favorite drummer, Darren King of Mute Math's Rogers. Each show starts with him going out on stage, sitting down, duct taping headphones to his head (Because yes, trust me, he ACTUALLY needs them) and just starts tearing it up. And Ploughman, I have my Dyna set up as you explained with a little extra tension on the snare side. Tama Royalstar: 14x22" Kick, 16x16" Floor Tom, 8x12" Tom, 9x13" Tom, 5x14" Snare Zildjian A Custom: 20" Medium Ride, 18" Medium Crash, 16" Crash and 14" Hi-hats Sabian B8 Pro: 18" China, 12" Splash Soultone Extreme: 14" Hi-hats LP Cowbell Alesis DM6 USB e Drumkit VALTIS Rock en espaol If you could......... Problem is, when they're that far down on the l-rods, it makes the toms closer to me. Not one to complain about aesthetics, especially on a kit like THIS, but it also messes with playability. If I switch back to one tom, it's not a big deal, but when I have two up... Looking at the time now, that could be around noon.

I had to modify Pure Sounds to have a hole in the middle, haha. please post a pic of your puresound wires off the drum, by themselves. If I have the toms mounted further back on the swivlematic's l-rods, it seems to deaden the sound of the toms. Especially with both the rack toms up, like they are now.

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