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They made the light blue until his retirement in 1999.They only made about 500 of these beanies and can go for 00 with an original tag. Photograph submitted to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on first page of the appendix depicting Ty's Beanie Baby: "Squealer" (Top) and GMA's stuffed animal: "Preston the Pig" (Bottom) Authorities cracked down on counterfeit Beanie Babies in the late 1990s with some prosecuted for involvement in their commerce.Beanie Babies were the most ubiquitous collector's toy in the 1990s, so it's no surprise that the majority of the plush animals are completely worthless today.But limited editions, tag misprints and more unique features still abound -- and can be worth a small fortune.In cooperation with the lawsuit, Garcia was retired and a similar bear named Peace was released. The bright colors on Garcia the bear made him one of the most popular Beanie Baby styles.Warner said that all proceeds would be donated to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.He is a tie-dyed bear that seems to be a tribute to musician Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead who died in 1995, designed by Nicholas Scarborough.A group of differently colored dancing bears, originally artwork from the back of an album cover, was one of the band's many iconic images.

The most valuable Valentino bears boast the following features, but any combination of the below will still fetch a good amount of money.Decade bears were made in white, royal blue, red, purple, orange, hot pink, green, gold, brown, and light blue. The name was changed to "Snort" to avoid trademark infringement.Most Decade bears have silver sparkles on their bodies. Tabasco has all red "feet" while Snort has all white. Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant is one of the most notable of the Beanies.The purchase of a Beanie Baby 2.0 provided its owner with a code to access a Beanie Babies interactive website. Beanie Babies began to emerge as popular collectibles in late 1995, and became a hot toy.The company's strategy of deliberate scarcity, producing each new design in limited quantity, restricting individual store shipments to limited numbers of each design and regularly retiring designs, created a huge secondary market for the toys and increased their popularity and value as a collectible.

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