Dating a winchester 94 rifle

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And custom has consecrated the term will to this more honourable use.

Thus Bain makes appetency a species of volition, instead of vice-versa. In any case--whatever opinion one holds on the free will controversy--some specific designation is certainly required for that controlling and sovereign faculty in man, which every sane philosophy recognizes as unmistakably distinct from the purely physical impulses and strivings, and from the sensuous desires and conations which are the expressions of our lower nature's needs.

Bain's description of voluntary action as "feeling-prompted movement", therefore, destroys the essential distinction between voluntary and impulsive action.

The same criticism applies to Wundt's analysis of the volitional process.

The two interact so closely as to be almost inseparable.

Hence Spinoza could say with some plausibility: "Voluntas et intellectus unum et idem sunt".

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