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The population in the region is typically portrayed as open and rugged plains-people.The population is far from homogenous, however, and even the language spoken in the region still reflects both indigenous and African linguistic influence.The llanos is by far the largest region in the country, making up one-third of the territory.

Even with these different populations, however, Venezuela has one of the most stable national identities in the continent.To the east the llanos end at the Macizo Guayanés (Guyanese Mount) which is one of the oldest rock formations in the world.The region to the south, the Guiana, is also referred to as La Gran Sabana (Great Savanna) since it is composed of savannas and flat mountaintops (referred to as tepuis in the indigenous Pemón tongue).At least one-fourth of Venezuela's contemporary population consists of immigrants, many of them illegal. Venezuela's official language, Spanish, was introduced into the territory in the sixteenth century.There are still twenty-five surviving indigenous languages belonging to three linguistic families: Caribans, Arawak, and Chibcha.

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