Consolidating school districts pros cons

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The average in administrative costs, statewide, is 21 cents for each dollar spent, although districts vary from 11 cents in Lakewood, near Cleveland, to 68 cents in Jefferson Township in Montgomery County.Looking at it another way, earlier this year, the Thomas B.

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Arcadia, for example, employs two principals and one superintendent.

“The issue seems more simplistic than it really is.

Schools have always had the option to consolidate,” said Scott Ebright, deputy director of communications services for the Ohio School Boards Association.

Fordham Institute analyzed district pupil-administrator ratios and found the state average is 150.2 pupils per administrator, with the most top-heavy district (Bettsville Local) at 37.4 and the leanest, New Albany-Plain Local, at 308.6.

The analysis found, not surprisingly, that the smallest districts had fewer students per administrator than the largest districts. The newspaper compared administrative spending by the Westerville City Schools with that of eight smaller districts in Tuscarawas County that together serve about the same number of students as Westerville.

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