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Then "go back in time" to your own high school or college days and reminiscence together about your favorite school event or memory and why it was so special. Which character in the story would you like to be or be? Then take a turn at rewriting the story and tell each other how you would have changed it. They get to choose the restaurant and the activity.

Or see if you can guess some of the clubs or activities your spouse was involved in. Read a book of short stories out loud to each other. You can pick up a book at the library (so it's a free date! Then after your date, you and your spouse can give a "report" back telling about the funnest, funniest, or most special part of the evening.

), go to a park, a coffee shop, or even just hang out at home. Then talk about what you liked about the story or what you didn't like.

I was just thinking back to when my husband and I were engaged. It was a time when I knew he would be my husband very soon, but the anticipation...

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We’ll leave the precise definitions and application of specific principles to the reader.What a quiet way to enjoy nature, and get to know each other. Grab a camera and go for a walk/drive stopping at different spots along the way for photos of sites, people, and things that catch your eye. Rather than just going to one place, choose 3 different places for appetisers, dinner, and then dessert. There is something very romantic about a date that’s lake-side, sea-side, ocean-side, bay-side…you get the point. There are so many ways to hit up the water and enjoy God’s beautiful outdoor exhibit!You could even include a couple question cards in your basket with get-to-know-you questions for each of you to answer throughout the date. A great way to capture memories from the date as well! A great way to have some additional one-on-one time and try out fun new places! One of my favourite dates with my husband-to-be was window shopping! Try sailing, paddle-boating, canoeing, a walk along the shore, skipping rocks, or just having dinner with a view of the water.A good first date allows for conversation but at the same time takes some of the focus off you so that neither of you are not feeling under pressure and tense.We’re going to forget about the ole’ dinner and a movie date for right now.

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