Chad michael murray dating hilarie burton

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Dan is released from jail and is hoping for forgiveness.

Deb becomes Jamie's nanny after the previous one kidnapped him, tried to steal Nathan, and tried to kill Haley.

Peyton learns a surprising fact that changes her mind about Lindsey while she and Haley try to help Brooke let go of Victoria. Lucas gets a brief about Dan's hearing and goes with Nathan.

Haley finds Nathan and Carrie in a compromising position and kicks them both out. On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's marriage, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's.

Season five is set four years into the future from the season 4 finale, and after the main characters have graduated from college.

She completed the look with ankle-strap heels and a leather clutch.

In an endearing post on Instagram, Meredith declared her love for the actor and comedian.'I'm super in love guys.

Just FYI.' she wrote alongside a photo of her hand caressing Patton's hand and a pink heart doodled around them.

Lucas published a book and is dating his editor Lindsay; Brooke made it big in the fashion industry with her store "Clothes Over Bros"; Peyton's pursuing a career in the music business; Haley and Nathan are in a strained marriage after Nathan's accident, which has left him temporarily paralyzed, and they raise a now older Jamie.

Peyton and Brooke move back to Tree Hill and meet Lucas' girlfriend Lindsay; Haley tells Nathan she and Jamie will leave him if he doesn't change his ways; Lucas and Skills prepare Jamie to compete in a race car competition; Mouth gets a job but his boss Alice hates him.

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