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How it works: You post where your ideal date would be and then find other people in your area who have similar interests. Kirsten: So overall, it's good for ACTUAL dating if you don't mind weeding through some weird messages. How it works: Every day at noon the user receives a "bagel," which they can either like or pass. So it's like, hey, let's sext, then sex, then never talk again. If I wanted to disappoint two people I'd have dinner with my parents." For some reason that comes to mind with this app. How it works: This site is specifically for Christians who are looking for meaningful relationships and who share similar values rooted in faith. Javi: Every farmer I know is physically dirty — just because they're always working. Happn connects you with people you cross paths with on a daily basis and gives you the chance to connect with them if you couldn't when you saw them in person. Kirsten: So they're not like scruffy hot guys in overalls, you don't think? Kirsten: *suppressed laughter* How it works: This app is mostly used in highly populated metropolitan areas.

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I’ve seen it be both really awesome or really really awkward. Nerve Dating– A dating site without an “About Me” paragraph. Again, it’s a bit terrifying to think the range in men that might show up “for a drink.” The key is to get as unique as possible with the date ideas, but that sounds like more work than an “About Me” paragraph. No one edits their own profile, instead, their friends write it for them. Veggie Date– Sounds like you are dating a carrot, but it’s dating for vegetarians! She documents her own new journey as a young professional in New York at her blog From the Fifth Floor.

Kirsten thrives on the hope that dudes will find her awkwardness endearing — which the right ones usually do. The premise is basically you fill out what you want to do for a date and then you find people in your area who are down to do the same thing.

Originally from Boston, she tries her best not to say "wicked" too much and still has nightmares about the one date where she PHYSICALLY choked on spaghetti. Javi: I like drinking and I like eating and I like lying down.

Sounds like a really fun excuse for a single lady party to me! The Big and the Beautiful– Dating for curvy people.

Senior Match– Everyone deserves love, even the small percentage of elderly people who are savy enough to find an online dating website. A “Top Model” made the site so it’s got to be good right? Nothing is more romantic than writing HTML code together… Do you have stories from using any of the sites above?

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