Brenda wairimu and juliani dating

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And when it comes to a celebrity it’s a whole different ball game so many ladies shy away from it, but not Brenda Wairimu., Brenda revealed that she was the first to slide in Juliani’s DM on Twitter.But her intentions were not exactly to date the rapper but strike up a conversation because she is a huge fan of rap music.She loved Juliani so much that she even got her hair braided to shake it like Juliani when he came to perform at her school.And it’s great she made the first move as she landed a very intelligent and grounded celebrity.Brenda dates one of her favourite African musicians – Juliani – with whom they are blessed with a daughter, Amor.They have been dating for four years but had kept their affair hidden from the media for many years.Please try to find the desired content via the search and send to us the error description by clicking on the button below.Since we update our site several times a day, it can also happen that in the latches (proxies) are still old content.

This writer Juliani a while back and he went ahead to say they are not ready to show their kid’s face because they prefer keeping her away from the public eye, considering both parents are public figures. Brenda revealed that she is the one who slid in Juliani’s DM first.

The mother of one, who has been in a romantic relationship with Juliani, shared funeral details on her timeline.“A one-off fundraiser for family and friends will be at Mbaraki Sports Club (Mombasa) Wednesday 18th November from 4pm, laid to rest later this week.”The actress concluded her post by thanking family, friends and fans for undying support.“Thank you to all who have shown us love and strength through this whole time.”; a youth entertainment drama show which received a Kalasha Award.

She also featured in popular series MTV Shuga Season 2, NTV’s Mali among other drama series.

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Before juliani premiered his new song, Wezesha dada inua jamii, he thought he should first make it clear about dating his daughter for all the young boys out there patiently waiting for the twenty something years to pass so that they can date her.

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