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My assistant, one day, was trying to shield my eyes from her computer, and it turned out she was trying to hide a comment that said, “Is that a burrito or a baby bump? This spring I’ll have been with the show for 10 years, and I knew a long time ago when I signed up to share information with people that I was sharing myself. The fact that people take notice —the five-pound difference at the time—it was just like, wow.

I was touched that people were interested in how I was but at the same time I struggled.

show style editor Bobbie Thomas didn't have a quick or easy road to pregnancy. First, I found myself whispering at work to colleagues who said, “Are you okay? I would quietly say, “Eh, I am doing IVF.” I was leaving the show one day and I thought to myself, why am I whispering about this?

Dealing with the emotional ups and downs of IVF in 2014 gave Thomas newfound perspective on the process and inspired her to speak out; she now serves as a spokesperson for Fertility Facts, a site dedicated to early fertility education. This is an opportunity for me to try and have a family.

For me, I couldn’t be who I was if I wasn’t forthcoming.

So those were the two main reasons that I wanted to open up.

For me, it was having the support system of my husband and my best friend.

If you are lucky enough to have a significant other that is huge.

I told her how stressed out I was, that I was barely sleeping and she said, "just get married at my house," and announced it to the crowd.

Lastly, your wedding should be easy in every single way.

If something stresses you out, it's just not worth it.

Shortly after announcing her pregnancy, Thomas opened up about her experience to The Bump, including how she dealt with those hormone-induced side effects, what she wish she knew earlier and the moment she found out she was pregnant. Also a few times I noticed that people, even close friends at work, are uncomfortable when you tell them something so personal.

They’re not sure how to process it…and when you don’t know something, it becomes this crazy monster in the room.

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