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The i Pad is extremely efficient at fulfilling our most basic computing tasks.This includes looking up information on the web, checking email and browsing Facebook.

The i Pad can also perform a lot of the miscellaneous tasks often done on the laptop. And many people are surprised at just how little they use their PC after they buy an i Pad.

And with an Apple Music subscription, you can stream most songs and listen to curated radio stations in the Music app.

The Best Streaming Music Apps for the i Pad Do you like to curl up to a good book?

The newest i Pad packs in as much graphics power as an XBOX 360 or Play Station 3 along with the processing power of most laptops, so it is quite capable of delivering a deep gaming experience.

And with games like Infinity Blade, the i Pad's touch-based controls become an integral part of the game.

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