Autocad sheet set not updating

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In the Model Set Up Room for Photo Rendering, every so often the 'room' will fly off to some unseen part of the work, and I cannot get my object back into the room no matter how I resize or rotate it in Wildfire 3.0. How do Pro/E users typically insert TIFF artwork into a drawing and have it appear as the actual artwork (not a logo) both on screen and after plotting in Wildfire 2.0? I have made a part with family table having 9 instances & 15 Parameters (columns) in family table.

Soon, the site gathered momentum and today it is a massive part of my life.When I use the show and erase button, I have 4 decimal places that I don't want to be shown, so I would either know how to define the number of decimal places shown on the symbol, or know how to make my own welding symbols and use them with the show and erase button.I have a drawing that has 18 pages and many section and detail views, is it possible to generate a list of all views, section views and detail views in a report or list, instead of searching each sheet for the last letter used?You may also want to read about how you can use HTML and other codes to enhance your posts here: Enhance Your Posts Here. If you like story and want to be part of our community, please join us thru one of below links.

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