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It is fine but these are going to be the last moments really this year of just me and her as the baby is due in January.” As well as honing Aston’s dance skills, it seems his 32-year-old fiancee Sarah – who we last week revealed was once mentored by Len Goodman – has also managed to tame him.

In what must now seem like a former life, the pin-up was once embroiled in a love triangle with former East Enders star Louisa Lytton, 28, and his then girlfriend Natalia Rush who blamed it for their 2009 split.

So when reminded of times when he was offered sex up to five times a day by strangers at the height of the boyband’s fame, he gives it a neat left side pass. “I am nicely into a five-year relationship and have a baby on the way. “At the moment I am not getting much sleep as there is not much room in the bed.

“I’m trying to juggle Strictly and just trying to keep my girlfriend happy.

Aston Merrygold is keener than ever to take a quickstep away from his wild old bed-hopping youth.

I want everyone to work to be equal." Her date explained: "I believe in equal opportunities for everyone.

And in 2013 he told how he once jumped out of a window to meet a female admirer after his security had tried to “c*** block” him.

But the new Aston is now making plans for a new arrival – and may even take the baby with him on the Strictly tour. Mondays are the hardest bit as you look at your dance partner and they say 'You have this to learn.' “And it is like, ‘oh there is no way that is going to happen’ and then you get to Saturday night and it all comes together and I think, ‘I am good to go’.

Benjie left Georgia open-mouth as he slammed her for being "privileged" after having a private education and other things while growing up.

Georgia began: "I just don't understand how a young person of our age sits with the ideology of socialism.

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